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Seasons and Celebrations puzzles

Seasons and Celebrations

The seasons are the four periods of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter, although there are areas of the Earth where there are only two, wet and dry. They are produced due to the path of the earth as it revolves around the Sun. Spring is the season when trees, plants and meadows begin to green, the flowers decorate the gardens with their color, the cold ends and the heats begin. Summer is the hottest season, it is ideal to go to the beach. Autumn is the season when the leaves of the trees fall and the weather becomes cooler. Winter is the season in which it is colder, precipitation is often according to the latitude in the form of snow. Celebrations and parties is the gathering of people to celebrate an event, these can be in honor of a specific person, day or event. Birthday parties, Carnival, end of the year, mother and father's day, world days, halloween, national holidays, weddings ...
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